Although China wants the world to maintain its one China policy when it comes to comes to issues surrounding Hong Kong and Taiwan, the rulers of the Communist Party of China however want a “two states, two peoples” formula for the Israel and Palestinians.

According to Chinese authorities, the “two states, two peoples” formula will end the decades long conflict between Palestinians and Israelis. Beijing made its position clear on the matter through a press release issued by its Foreign Minister and Chinese State Councilor Wang Yi.

“China will host an open debate on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict in the Security Council tomorrow, and we hope that all countries can give a concerted vote on this issue. China believes that the Security Council must reaffirm ‘the two-state plan’ and call on both Palestine and Israel to resume peace talks based on the ‘two-state plan’ as soon as possible,” said Wang Yi.

From the press release it becomes clear that China’s Foreign Minister had a conversation with his Palestinian counterpart Qureshi on May 15.

Qureshi is supportive of China’s position and agrees with the idea of ​​“two states, two peoples”; he is also agreeable to the commencement of negotiations between Palestinians and Israelis.

China has placed the blame for escalation of tension in the Middle East on the United States and has accused Washington of standing on “the opposite side of international justice” even as it continues to operate its modern concentration camps in Xinjiang in the guise of re-educating Uyghurs, which the United Nations has termed as an act of genocide.

China also blamed the United Nations for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict saying its inactions in recent years have contributed to it. The UN has repeatedly failed to implement the resolutions it has adopted, which is enough to “seriously deviate” from the Security Council’s adopted path initially, said Wang Yi.

“In particular, the Palestinians’ right to an independent state is constantly being violated. The situation of the Palestinian people has deepened further, leading to an intensification of the Palestinian-Israeli confrontation and repeated conflicts. The facts have shown that without a just settlement, real peace between Palestine and Israel and the Middle East,” said the statement.

An Israeli court had initially ruled that Palestinians should be evicted from the neighborhood and the area be populated with Israelis. Before the final verdict was given al-Quds and Hamas subjected Jerusalem with a rocket attack on May 10, which led to a retaliatory strike; thereafter rocket fires took place between the two countries for the second day in a row.

Following an escalation in rocket attacks, Israel responded with airstrikes across the Gaza strip with the aim of eliminating the top layer of the Hamas movement. Israeli authorities have said, its military goals in this conflict are associated with fighting terrorist organizations.

Iran-backed Hamas is a UN-notified terrorist organization which has the goal of removing Israel from the world map.