In an effort towards upgrading its combat capability, Greece is looking to purchase a new multiple rocket launcher for its ground forces.

Czech defense major Excalibur Army aims to win the trust of its counterparts in NATO and is showcasing its latest multiple rocket launcher RM-70 Vampire. According to sources in the Greek Ministry of Defense, the RM-70 Vampire has managed to impress the generals of the Greek infantry and artillery.

Excalibur Army began developing the RM-70 Vampire nearly seven years ago and released the prototype in 2015. Towards the end of 2015, the Czech military conducted the first test shootings on a 122mm multiple rocket launcher. Excalibur Army displayed the RM-70 Vampire at the International Defense and Defense Exhibition in Abu Dhabi – IDEX.

The company is marketing the RM-70 Vampire at Greece since Greek army already owns the older version of the RM-70 and has 111 Czech multiple rocket launchers in its service. The RM-70 Vampire is a significant upgrade in artillery capabilities. For Greece to upgrade to the RM-70 Vampire makes even more sense since it already has a significant arsenal of 122mm missiles.

RM-70 Vampire shoots with the same but offers greater capabilities.

Capabilities of the RM-70 Vampire122mm MLRS

The 270-kW V-shaped eight-cylinder Tatra T3C V8 engine provides a guaranteed speed of 90 km per hour; it also provides the MLRS strong mobility.

The entire RM-70 122mm MLRS is integrated into the chassis of the truck Tatra T-815-7 8×8; it also provides it with a semi-automatic system of the gearbox Tatra Norgen, as well as an additional gearbox Tatra 2.30TRS.

With a single tank charge, the missile system can travel 1,000 km. The crew and cabin of the missile system are protected and have certified NBC protection.

According to military experts, the RM-70 122mm MLRS is very similar in performance to the Russian BM-21 Grad MLRS. If the Russian MLRS fires two 122mm missiles in a single second, within 30 seconds, the Czech RM-70 122mm MLRS can empty all 40 artillery tubes.

Furthermore, the RM-70 Vampire can not only fire this type of ammunition it can also use NATO-standard missiles as well as 122mm Russian missiles. It can also fire in two different ways – through individual single shot volleys or empty its barrels in a series of volleys, as a result hammer enemy forces across a large area.

According to test results, enemy positions scattered over a range of 3 hectares are significantly affected by its high explosive fragmentation shells. In case it fires a single volley of 40 missiles, the impact force is equal to 256 kg of explosives.

One of the main features of the RM-70 compared to the BM-21 is that it has a magazine rack with 40 122mm rockets which is housed at the back and is manned by the crew for fast reloading. Once it has fired all 40 122-mm rockets the launcher barrels have to be re-aligned with the magazine rack for further firing the next volley of 40 rockets which are mechanically inserted into the empty barrels without human intervention.

The Czechs have developed several versions of the RM-70, including a lighter non-armored version, as well as one which has an updated fire control and navigation system.

Variants of the RM-70 operates in 18 countries.

According to military experts, the RM-70 is the only real competitor to the impressive Russian VM-21 Grad.