German Chancellor Olaf Scholz emphasized the imperative for Europe to bolster its defenses and ensure resilience against potential military threats from abroad, as he reflected on the two-year anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. In a podcast, Scholz acknowledged the novelty of such language coming from a German Chancellor, underscoring the importance of concepts like deterrence and defense readiness that had been somewhat neglected in Germany’s discourse.

He stressed the collective responsibility, along with allies, to maintain strength to dissuade any aggressor from considering an attack. Highlighting Germany’s commitment, he mentioned the increase in defense spending to 2% of the GDP and pledged to maintain this level in the years to come as part of NATO obligations. Additionally, discussions with allies like France and Britain are ongoing to enhance deterrence capabilities through the development of advanced precision weapons.

Scholz also noted the recent announcement by Britain of new sanctions against Russia aimed at reducing President Putin’s military resources, reflecting ongoing efforts to address the aftermath of the Ukrainian invasion. He further referenced Germany’s significant 100 billion euro special military budget, established shortly after the invasion, with a considerable portion already allocated to specific defense projects.