According to reliable sources in Moscow, the enhanced Kilo-class submarine named Ufa, which was recently incorporated into the Russian Baltic Fleet, is expected to be reassigned to the Russian Pacific Fleet by the conclusion of 2023. This transfer is anticipated to take place during the autumn season of this year.

The Ufa submarine is a Russian naval project designated as 636.3. It was meticulously designed and constructed by Admiralty Shipyards. The decision to relocate the submarine to the Pacific Fleet necessitates a significant international voyage through the Northern Sea Route. Moscow asserts that the submarine possesses the capability to undertake such a transit, and plans are currently being formulated to facilitate the undertaking.

Recalling the Ufa submarine’s launch in 2022, affirms its status as a well-armed vessel, as corroborated by international media accounts. The submarine’s operational characteristics emphasize its “acoustic stealth” capabilities and an extensive range for detecting enemy targets.

Notably, Western analysts highlight the global non-nuclear threat posed by the Ufa submarine, as its construction was overseen by Admiralty Shipyards. The vessel is equipped with a formidable arsenal of high-velocity torpedo missiles, further enhancing its offensive capabilities.

The Ufa submarine incorporates cutting-edge Russian inertial navigation systems, with improvements also made to the information, control, and data transfer system. Its crew comprises 52 divers, and the submarine offers an autonomy of 45 days, capable of diving to depths of up to 300 meters.

According to military analysts, Kilo-class submarines engaged in operational maneuvers in the Black Sea towards the end of March. Specifically, the submarines B-271 Kolpino and B-262 Stary Oskol actively participated in these exercises, where they successfully conducted torpedo launches.

During the exercises, the submarines navigated to the designated combat training area, where they underwent a series of preliminary drills and subsequently submerged to a predetermined depth to execute the torpedo firings.

It is important to note that both submarines are integral components of the Russian Black Sea Fleet. The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation officially verified the occurrence of these underwater torpedo launches and exercises.