An independent report published today by Strategy&, part of the PwC network, has revealed the scale of the Eurofighter Typhoon programme’s contribution to economies across Europe.

The in-depth report examines the entire spectrum of development, production, and support activities, encompassing the four Eurofighter Typhoon partner nations of the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy and Spain.

It provides a comprehensive look into the programme and delivers compelling data showing the current economic benefits of the programme as well as anticipating future economic contributions, focussing in particular on the next 10 years.

The “base scenario” takes into account orders for new Eurofighter Typhoons from Spain (Halcon I and II) and Germany (Quadriga). This scenario shows that, for the next decade, the programme is set to contribute €58 billion to the GDP of the four core nations’ economies; generate tax revenues of €14 billion for the respective governments; and support 62,700 jobs annually.

Those numbers increase significantly in the report’s “growth scenario” with opportunities for sales of approximately 200 Eurofighter Typhoons on the domestic and export market.

This scenario shows, for the next decade, a programme contribution of €90 billion to GDP; tax revenues of €22 billion generated; and more than 98,000 jobs each year. The benefit of future export opportunities would mean that around 30 per cent of the core nation investment would return as tax revenues.

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