In its annual report, the Norwegian Intelligence Service stated that for the first time in thirty years, Russia’s Northern Fleet ships have set sail with tactical nuclear weapons on board.

According to the report, warships of the Northern Fleet regularly had routinely deployed tactical nuclear weapons at sea during Soviet times; such incidents have not been reported since the Cold War.

At the same time, Norwegian intelligence stated that after the start of Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine, “the importance of nuclear weapons for Russia has increased significantly.”

According to Norwegian intelligence, Moscow’s Northern Fleet’s submarines as well as surface ships hold the majority of nuclear potential.

“Nuclear weapons are a particularly serious threat in the options for operations in which NATO countries may participate,” emphasizes the document.

Previously, it was reported that the Swedish Ministry of Defense was preparing for a nuclear strike, which Russia could allegedly deliver; Sweden has taken “a number of measures” for such a scenario.

Mikael Klasson, Sweden’s Armed Forces Chief explained such actions saying Moscow has an “unpleasant habit of doing what it says.”

In December, Russian President Vladimir Putin had said Russia’s nuclear weapons were a deterrent for the country’s defense. He had also emphasized that Moscow is aware of the responsibility that comes with possessing nuclear weapons and will not “wave them around.”