According to Russian sources, an air corridor has been built between Afghanistan’s Panjshir province and Tajikistan to supply weapons to the anti-Taliban resistance.

According to the Russian sources, Tajikistan is seriously concerned on the Taliban’s influence in Afghanistan, which they see as gradually increasing. It is ready to take part in an anti-Taliban resistance and supply not only weapons but soldiers as well.

According to sources, Tajik helicopters routinely deliver bombs, missiles, light machine guns, mortars, ammunition, and more to the resistance in Panjshir.

“An air bridge has been built between Tajikistan and Panjshir,” reportedSputnik Afghanistan. “Helicopters are supplying weapons, ammunition, and materials needed for Tajik troops for the first time.”

On August 23, under the leadership of local resistance leader Ahmad Masood and Amrulah Saleh, the resistance laid an ambush to Taliban militants, which resulted in the death of 300 Taliban fighters. This information was confirmed by the BBC journalist Yalda Hakim in his Twitter account.

“Update from the Anti-Taliban resistance – they tell me: Taliban ambushed in Andarab of Baghlan province. At least 300 Taliban fighters were killed,” tweetedHakim and published photos of Taliban militants captured during the ambush.

According to a report from RIA Novosti, Taliban fighters had regained control of three areas of Baglan province.

“Currently, no place in Baglan is under the control of the resistance forces,” said a source.

Currently, Panjshir is the only province which has successfully repelled attacks by Taliban militants. The leader of the Afghan resistance has refused to hand over Panjshir to the Taliban.

Currently, the Taliban controls Kabul, Afghanistan’s capital. Thousands of Afghans have hid and flooded the Kabul’s airport, in an attempt to escape the brutality of the militants, who have reportedly raped dead bodies.

According to Russian Ambassador to Afghanistan, Dmitry Zhirnov, the Taliban’s political service visited the Russian embassy in Kabul on Saturday, August 21, and handed over a proposal for a political agreement to the Panjshir authorities.

“Today we had a representative of the Taliban’s political service at the embassy and he asked to send a political signal to the people of Panjshir,” sid Zhirnov onn Soloviev’s live channel on Youtube then.

He went on to add, “They asked Russia to convey the following to the leaders and people of Panjshir: so far the Taliban have not attempted to enter Panjshir by force, the group is counting on finding a peaceful way to resolve the situation, for example by reaching a political agreement”.

The ambassador went on to note, the Taliban do not want bloodshed and are in the mood for dialogue.”