A video has surfaced on Telegram showing a failed Russian tank attack on Ukraine.

According to the author who shared the video, the military action took place in the vicinity of the Avdiivka region, close to the Donetsk region.

From the video, it is not possible to know when it was shot, but going by the snowy terrain, it is obvious that it was shot during winter.

The video shows several Russian tanks trying to break through the position of the 53rd Brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Russian tank formations started faltering when they tried to cross a wooded bush barrier. As the tanks began to come out in the open, they were hammered by the 53rd Brigade who had probably laid a trap.

The video shows the first tank taking a successful hit, followed by the second tank. The second one took a direct hit despite its cover. The impact of the hit on first tank was so strong that its turret literally flew into the air; the second tank literally burst into flames.

The video shows the third tank taking significantly less damage.

The video showed at least two tanks being destroyed and heavy smoke coming out from them. It also showed their crew members running away from the scene.

The video showed that a fourth tank, which was unaffected by the trap, taking evasive manoeuvres and starting to reverse, giving up its position.