On January 18, 2022, in a statement the US Missile Defense Agency ([MDA) said, a test of the US-Israeli Arrow Weapon System (AWS) and the Arrow 3 interceptor was performed at a test site in Israel.

In addition to the MDA, and US military the Israeli Defense Missile Defense Organization (IMDO) of the Directorate of Defense Research and Development (DDR & D) also took part in the test.

According to their report, a conditional “ballistic” missile was launched following which the radars of the Arrow Weapon System were able to locate and successfully intercept it.

This information was sent to the navy, which processed the information and fired an Arrow 3 interceptor missile which intercepted and destroyed the target.

Incidentally, neither the United States nor Israel said that the target was a “conditional ballistic missile”; however, the characteristics and functionality of the Arrow Weapon System suggest that the Arrow 3 interceptor missile had indeed intercepted a ballistic missile.

According to the Director of MDA Vice Adm. John Hill, the test was aimed at ensuring the stability, security, and effectiveness of the Arrow Weapon System (AWS) and that of the Arrow 3 interceptor.

Hill went on to add, data from the test, will be analyzed and evaluated further help develop future versions of the AWS.

According to Moshe Patel, director of IMDO, Israel was continuing in its efforts to improve the effectiveness of AWS.

AWS is a development and production between Boeing and Israeli Aircraft Industries (IAI). The company uses interceptors, fire control radar Arrow fire control radar, and a battle control command center to track and intercept missiles.

The Arrow system can fire multiple shots in a combat scenario to defend against enemy short and medium range missiles.