In a significant development, a F-16 Advanced Aggressor Fighter (F-16 AAF), has received an Advanced Aggressor Mission System (AAMS) upgrade making it the ideal simulator for pilots who are learning to fly the F-22 and F-35 fighter jets.

On January 19, the private owned F-16 AAF made its first test flight with the new integrated system to assess and test its capabilities. Confirming the news, M7 Aerospace, a company owned by Elbit Systems of America, which is involved in the integration of the AAMS, tweeted about it on social network.

“PARTNERING FOR SUCCESS | M7 Aerospace, an Elbit America company, partnered with TopAces to install the Advanced Aggressor Mission System [AAMS] on their prototype F-16A aircraft. M7 is an experienced MRO aircraft company in San Antonio, Texas. #Innovation # F16 #ElbitProud,” said Elbit system of America.

Advanced Aggressor Mission System (AAMS) has been developed over the last four years by Top Aces. The system allows aircraft to simulate the highly modern capabilities of fifth generation fighters and is used for training pilots since it is applicable to a wide range of aircraft, as it is flexible and has an open software infrastructure.

The AAMS is equipped with AESA air-to-air radar, which is typically an integral part of the avionics of American-made aircraft and is the best air radar at the moment.

Specialists at Top Aces has also has developed special signs and symbols in the viewfinder of the pilot’s helmet, integrated tactical communication system, infrared search and tracking system, simulation of weapons systems, electronic warfare, passive radio frequency detection, a set of functions controlling everything listed so far.

In addition to the F-16 AAF, Top Aces said it has already certified the A-4N Skyhawk for using AAMS.

It went on to add, some armies are currently using their training systems, including the German Air Force and other European Air Forces, without disclosing their names.

Top Aces expect the US Air Force to also use its AAMS.

About Top Aces

Top Aces provides advanced adversary and joint terminal attack controller (JTAC) training to the world’s leading air forces.

It owns the largest fleet of commercially operated fighter aircraft in active service and is the first company in the world to acquire the F-16.

Its mission-critical training enhances the operational readiness of combat forces by providing real-world experiences.