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The second mentioned, “The group includes NATO’s most sophisticated destroyers — the Royal Navy’s Type 45s HMS Diamond and HMS Defender and US Navy Arleigh Burke-class USS The Sullivans as well as frigates HMS Northumberland and HMS Kent from the UK and the Dutch Navy’s HNLMS Evertsen.”

The post now reads, “The Carrier Strike Group will be complemented by US Marine Corps and US Navy personnel and equipment. This includes a detachment of US Marine Corps F-35B Lightning II aircraft and the US Navy’s destroyer, USS The Sullivans.”

Interestingly, there is now no mention of the Dutch vessel and oddly, the graphic featured in the original post has now been removed. The removal of the graphic may have been removed since it showed the Dutch vessel.

In 2020, HNLMS Evertsen was present when the Carrier Strike Group was training to work alongside British and American vessels.

It is also possible that the removal could be because it was made ahead of an official announcement.