Seen in this photo is the Kampfpanzer Leopard 2 A5 bei einer Lehr- und Gefechtsvorführung. The image is for representational purposes only.

In a statement Israel’s Elbit Systems said, a country has ordered the modernization of its main battle tanks; it however did not name the country. Elbit also announced the conclusion of two contracts worth $240 million.

Traditionally, Elbit does not disclose its buyers as well as the quantitative parameters of the contracts. The only thing it did however disclose is that the customer was from a foreign country.

As per the terms of the contracts, Elbit Systems will upgrade the tanks and supply the necessary advanced electronic hardware. This contract, worth $60 million. will be completed within two years; the contract worth 180 million dollars. will be completed within four years.

In a statement the CEO and President of Elbit Systems Bezalel Mahlis said, “the armed forces of many countries around the world are once again interested in improving the combat capabilities of armored vehicles” and that Elbit Systems is “well positioned to meet the growing demand in this market thanks to its ability to provide end-to-end solutions”.

Elbit Systems offers customers integrated gunner and commander sights, and fire control systems (FCS) for their armored vehicles.

It also supplies a wide range of onboard electronic systems, remotely controlled combat modules, a wide range of warning systems, panoramic surveillance systems, and unmanned turrets. These systems are easily adapted to specific requirements.

Elbit’s anti-aircraft missile system provides the ability to fire day and night, on the move, and a high probability of hitting moving targets with the first shot.