With Athens and New Delhi agreeing to boost their military relations, Dr. Konstantinos P. Balomenos, the General Director of the General Directorate of Civil Defense and International Relations, welcomed Colonel Anupam Ashish, the Defense Attaché of India, at the Ministry of National Defense, in the context of bilateral defense relations between the two countries.

Issues of common interests along with further expansion of cooperation on military training activities, military academic training, exercises and operational training at bilateral and multilateral level, and dealing with hybrid threats were discussed.

Both officials also discussed the various issues surrounding stability of the country facing their country along with mutual security issues.

It was also an opportune moment to exchange views on issues of common interest including the management of the Coronavirus-induced COVID-19 pandemic in the European Union and the substantial contribution to fight the disease by the Armed Forces though crisis management mechanism.

The discussions underscored and confirmed the strength of the strong ties of friendship between the two nations and the importance of further deepening the bilateral relations between the two, in the framework of regional and International Organizations.