Nexter exhibited a wide range of its products, including armoured vehicles, large and medium calibre artillery systems, ammunition, support services, robots and optronic equipment at IDEX 2023.

For the first time, Jaguar and Titus vehicles were exhibited on the stand of Resource Industries, a key player in the UAE defence industry. Nexter and Resource Industries are exploring the possibility of industrial cooperation around these vehicles.

At the show, Nexter promoted the Jaguar armoured reconnaissance and combat vehicle (EBRC). It was developed as part of the Scorpion programme led by the French General Directorate of Armaments (DGA), alongside the SERVAL light Multi-Role Armoured Vehicle (VBMR) vehicles.

The Jaguar is a 25-tonne armoured reconnaissance and combat vehicle, armed with a 40mm cannon with telescoped ammunition (CTA) and the Missile Moyenne Portée (MMP) missile. The Jaguar will replace the AMX10RC and ERC90. It is equipped with a threat detection system including an acoustic detonation tracking system, a laser warning detector and a missile launch detector connected to the Scorpion  joint vetronics system. 

The Jaguar is a unique vehicle on several levels. Its turret combines three state-of-the-art weapon systems: the 40mm CTA gun from Nexter, two MMPs from MBDA and the remotely operated T3 turret. Also, its vetronics, developed by Thales, notably includes latest-generation optronics (IR/TV, missile launch detector, laser alert detector, etc.) and on-board tactical training capability.