In a statement, Russian arms maker Kalashnikov said, it has started production of a new anti-aircraft missile system known as 9M333. These are short-range anti-aircraft missiles. According to a Polish defense portal, the first batch of this missile system has been deployed to Russian military units.

According to open source analysts, the main strength of the 9M333 missile is that the weight of the warhead has been increased to 5 kilograms, and that the striking elements have been increased to 5. According to the Russian military analysts, the 9M333 missile, unlike its “predecessors”, is more resistant to electronic interference.

They also claim that these missiles can be used to bring down enemy drones and cruise missiles.

In related news, the Russian Navy also carried out the test launch of the R-30 Bulava, an intercontinental submarine-based ballistic missile. According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, the test was performed in the region of Kamchatka.

Incidentally, while the R-30 Bulava ICBM was officially adopted by the Russian Navy in June 2018, testing of the missile system is still ongoing.

So far, the Russians have launched 25 tests of the Bulava ICMB, with sources saying Russia is slated to conduct 39 more tests of the missile.

The preliminary launch took place on December 12, 2020, when the nuclear cruiser K-551 “Vladimir Monomakh” fired a volley of four Bulava missiles.