Designers of Russia’s Kalashnikov are set to present their latest development – the next generation MP-155 Ultima smart shotgun.

The MP-155 Ultima smart shotgun designed by designers of the legendary Russian brand will be showcased during the International Military Exhibition in Abu Dhabi – IDEX 2021.

The MP-155 Ultima is one of its kind weapon from Russia and premiered in 2020 at the Russian exhibition Army-2020.

According to a press release from Kalashnikov, the MP-155 Ultima has been designed keeping in mind that one of its requirements was that as the user gets a better understanding of the way the gun responds to his shooting style, with each passing year.

This is what makes the gun unique.

There has never been such a weapon on the market before.

During an interview, Kalashnikov CEO Dmitry Tarasov said, the “entry of the MP-155 Ultima is comparable only to the new iPhone presentation”.

The MP-155 Ultima can also synchronize with modern electronic gadgets including mobile devices.

It has been designed to allow its user to build it in a modular way.

While its outer elements are made out of B95T alloy and high-tech polymers, it also sports a camera to record and broadcast video in 1080p, compass, digital display with clock, shot counter, stopwatch, timer, and indicator for the remaining cartridges.

The electronics is housed in an adjustable warehouse.