Anti-tank defence is one of the most neglected areas of the Polish Army. The analytical work that has been going on for years has not yet brought a generational breakthrough, and the introduction of new battle platforms is taking time. Anti-tank defence capabilities can, however, be strengthened through the coordinated implementation of programs – mostly using domestic industry.

  • The Polish Army has the ability to strengthen anti-tank defence in a relatively short time, based on existing or developed industrial potential;
  • Implementation of Pirat anti-tank missile system with a laser target illuminator should be considered; The same system can be used to control the firing of Rak mortars and Krab howitzers that are already in service. All of these systems are under national control;
  • The aim should be to obtain a disposable anti-tank grenade launcher based on existing technology. The purchase of this equipment may, contrary to appearances, be important for the successful implementation of the anti-tank Pirat and the laser control system that works with it;
  • The broad introduction of the ZSSW-30 system integrated with Spike-LR is important for the development of anti-tank defence system. It is necessary to implement this system as soon as possible in units equipped with the Rosomak APC (KTO). At the same time, worthy of consideration, additional anti-tank launchers in the portable version or on vehicles to those units that are to receive ZSSW-30 as a bridging and supplementary solution;
  • In the long run, it is possible to use a wider range of anti-tank resources is possible with greater range / platform delivery (e.g. artillery). For this, it would be necessary to have adequate systems for reconnaissance, targeting and command;
  • An important role in anti-tank defence at greater distances (engaging targets outside the line of sight) can also be played by the Warmate munitions system in service with Territorial Defence Forces /first version/. Its subsequent variants have greater potential, and besides, it is adapted to work with ZZKO [Integrated Automated Fire Control System] Topaz, which is at the disposal of the Polish Artillery and Rocket Forces.

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