In a statement Rostec said, the highly anticipated Sprut-SDM1 tank destroyer has officially entered serial production. Produced at the cutting-edge Kurganmashzavod plant, this self-propelled anti-tank vehicle boasts unparalleled power and advanced technology. But that’s not all – alongside the Sprut-SDM1, the plant will also begin production of the versatile BT-3F amphibious armored personnel carriers, making it a one-stop-shop for all your military needs.

The Sprut-SDM1’s production was delayed for several months, but with state tests successfully completed and certification in place, it’s finally ready to hit the assembly line. And with tensions rising in Ukraine and the increasing need for armored vehicles, the timing couldn’t be better.

Although based on an older design, the Sprut-SDM1 has undergone extensive modernization and boasts state-of-the-art features. It’s no wonder that it has piqued the interest of military experts and enthusiasts alike. Produced in collaboration with industry leaders Kurganmashzavod and Traktorni Zavodi, the Sprut-SDM1 is a force to be reckoned with.

Upgraded Fire Control System

Get ready to experience the enhanced combat capabilities of the Sprut-SDM1 self-propelled anti-tank gun. Equipped with an artillery-missile system featuring a powerful 125mm gun 2A75 and automatic loader, this tank destroyer is a force to be reckoned with. And now, with an upgraded fire control system boasting a combined sight with TV and thermal channels, the Sprut-SDM1 is even more effective at any time of day or night.

Although the exact sights for the new 2C25M models haven’t been announced yet, rumors suggest that the multi-channel PPND B03S03 “Sodema” sight – already being used in the upgraded BMP-3M – will be the top choice. These new optical systems are set to significantly increase the effectiveness of the Sprut-SDM1, ensuring that its weapons can be used to their full potential twenty-four hours a day.

But that’s not all. The Sprut-SDM1 has also undergone a transformation in appearance, with a new chassis boasting seven small-diameter support wheels with individual torsion beam suspension and hydraulic shock absorbers. And thanks to the use of BMD-4M combat vehicle units, the Sprut-SDM1 is now even more unified with equipment for the Airborne Forces.

And let’s not forget the improved power under the hood. The new UTD-29 diesel engine boasts an impressive 500 horsepower, giving the Sprut-SDM1 an even greater advantage on the battlefield. And with the possibility of additional armor, similar to that of the BMP-3M, this tank destroyer is a true powerhouse.