Seen here is the Russian Corvette Smerch after upgrades (2019)

Russia’s RIA Novosti has reported that by the end of 2022 Moscow will put into operation a small missile vessel.

Project 22800 is also known as the Karakurt. It will be the first ship in the Russian fleet to be armed with the Panzer-M anti-aircraft missile complex. This ship is also called the Cyclone. Information on future purchases was obtained from the shipbuilder “Ak Bars” which said Russia is currently building 3 such missile ships. They will also be armed with the AK-630 class Saige gun.

According to Russian executives, that the construction of these ships will not be limited to just this project. They expressed hope that the next ships, in addition to “Zyklon”, will also receive the “Pantsir-M” anti-aircraft missile system.

According to Mitakhov, the head of “Ak Bars”, another ship of the same class may be launched in 2023.

Russia has a tradition of replacing land-based weapons systems with naval versions. For example, a few years ago, it equipped the ship “Tatarstan” of the project 11661 with the marine version of the “Uran” missiles. A few years later, one of the most popular Russian cruise missiles, the Kalibr, also saw the development of a naval equivalent on the Dagestan ship.

“Now the first ships with the anti-aircraft missile system “Pantsir” will appear in the Russian fleet,” said the general director of “Ak Barys”.

The Russian Ministry of Defense is likely to ask “Ak Bars” to build a total of 5 missile ships under project 22800. Such an order is likely to be received towards the end of 2022.

Another Russian shipyard also plans on building 13 ships of this class. In total Moscow plans on building 18 ships of this class. Ships in this class have a displacement of up to 870 tons. They are 67 meters long and 11 meters in width and is powered by three M507D-1 Zvezda diesel engines.

They have a maximum speed of 30 knots with a crew of 39. The anti-aircraft missile system “Pantsir-M” has a caliber of 30 mm.