Is Russia planning new cruise missile strikes against Ukraine? Such concerns have been raised in the aftermath of the release of new satellite images of the Engels airbase, which is located 8.7 miles (14 kilometres) east of Saratov.

The Tu-95 and Tu-160 bombers are clearly visible in satellite images. At least 12 bombers are depicted in the photo, including eight Tu-95 bombers and six Tu-160 bombers.

Satellite imagery also shows at least five cargo planes in the area. There are also carts for carrying cruise missiles, implying that the bombers’ munitions were delivered by cargo planes.

According to military analysts and experts, the bombers are loaded with cruise missiles and bombs and are parked in this manner on the runway. Their viewpoint is also influenced by the fact that the trolleys for transporting cruise missiles were deployed at a time when cargo planes had already wintered. Experts believe that massive Russian missile attacks on Ukraine will resume in the coming hours or days.

Moscow has carried out heavy missile attacks periodically throughout Ukraine, and has targeted it energy infrastructure. The last such attack was carried out on December 1, in the city of Kherson.

A report from the Kyiv Independent states that “the voltage in Kherson power grid collapses due to Russian shelling. As a result of Russian forces’ constant shelling of Ukraine’s southern city of Kherson, the voltage in the city’s power grids has disappeared, Kherson Oblast Governor Yaroslav Yanushevych said on Dec. 1.”

According to some military analysts, Ukraine’s energy infrastructure is not the only target of missile fire. Russian missile strikes have also targeted data processing centers collected by reconnaissance drones and early warning planes of NATO forces flying near Ukraine. However, neither Russia nor Ukraine has confirmed that such facilities have been discovered and attacked.