The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) recently disclosed that the Kanatovo Air Base in Kirovohradsko was hit by a devastating missile attack carried out by the Russian Aerospace Forces (VKS) during the summer of 2022. The SBU released photographs on April 21st showcasing the damage and destruction caused to Kanatovo Airport, which killed the military unit commander and injured 17 Ukrainian defenders, as well as destroying two Air Force fighters. The runway, buildings, and equipment also sustained significant damage.

This latest information was uncovered as a result of our previous report about the Ukrainian’s attempt to seize Russian fighter jets by contacting the pilots. Yahoo News revealed the identity of the Ukrainian coordinator, known by the alias Bogdan, who had been in touch with Russian Su-34 fighter and Tu-22M3 bomber pilots, offering them money to land at a Ukrainian airport and hand over the aircraft to the Ukrainians. However, both pilots ultimately declined, and the conversations were intercepted by Russia’s military intelligence and GRU.

It is likely that these conversations aided Russian intelligence in identifying the airport, leading to the retaliatory missile strike against Kanatovo Airport as a response to the failed plane seizure attempt. The SBU has since announced that the Ukrainian command was unaware of the actions of those involved in the plane seizure attempt, which were conducted without authority and in violation of the law. The SBU has also revealed that former acting commander of one of the Special Operations Forces, Roman Chervinsky, was among those involved and that his actions led to the enemy missile attack on Kanatovo airport, which occurred in the summer of 2022. Chervinsky will be prosecuted under the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

The SBU went on to add, “an investigation is currently underway. Comprehensive measures are being taken to bring all those involved to justice. The events are taking place under the process of the Office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine.”

“SBU and GUR MO immediately expressed their objections to such a plan, it was not agreed upon by other state bodies. In the end, the special operation hid many risks. But individual people decided to act at their discretion… I want to emphasize that there is no routine to help avoid responsibility. In my opinion, the scoundrel, whose actions led to the death of one Ukrainian soldier and the wounding of seventeen others, should suffer a well-deserved punishment,” said SBU head Vasyl Malyuk.