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Escribano, a Spanish defense company has unveiled its anti-drone Guardian weapon system. The weapon is equipped with the MK19 40mm belt-fed automatic grenade launcher.  The anti-drone MK-19 40mm turret has been integrated onto an Ascot armored vehicle of the Santa Barbara Sistemas company.

This anti-drone Guardian weapon system was unveiled at the Eurosatory International Defense and Security Exhibition in Paris, France.

The weapon can launch Nammo programmable ammunitions with high explosive dual-purpose airburst (HEDP-AB). The Spanish company has also designed another version, named M134D which sports a Gatling-style 7.62 × 51mm NATO six-barrel rotary machine gun as its main weapon which has a fire rate of up to 3000 rounds per minute.

The Mk 19 is a grenade launcher which was designed in the 60s. It has a rich military history and has also been deployed in Ukraine. It is in service with dozens of countries around the world.

Mounted on an Ascod, which essentially is a platform for an armored vehicle. Austrian Steyr-Daimler-Puch AG and Spanish General Dynamics Santa Bárbara Systems have collaborated to create it. The platform is in service in various countries globally.

Nammo’s HEDP-AB ammunition is designed to deliver precision strikes and engage in a variety of field scenarios, using only one 40mm projectile. These munitions can cause a variety of damage: fragmentation, penetration, explosion, and ignition. A 40mm ammunition weighs 247 grams and has a muzzle velocity of 240 m/s.