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US economic sanctions deal blow to Russian oil exports and military production

US strikes at Russian oil transportation by blocking access to ports with new tool.

Afghanistan’s untapped mineral wealth could transform its economy

SONY DSC The unexpected collapse of the US-backed government of Afghanistan, which fell in a matter of days...

China-Russia threat to West: NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander Europe

NATO’s top general has warned that China and Russia are forming a new axis of power.

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Enhancing Global Defense: Patriot Missile Production Beyond US Borders

The recent success of the American interceptor in neutralizing a Russian Su-35 Flanker fighter aircraft has drawn...

Chasiv Yar Conflict: Russian Troop Buildup in Eastern Ukraine Sparks Tensions

In the intricate dance of geopolitical maneuvering, the Russians are resolute in their ambition to secure Chasiv...

S-550: Russian Military’s Advanced Ballistic Missile Defense System Revealed

On April 23rd, Russian Defense Minister, Army General Sergei Shoigu, unveiled a significant development in Russia's military...

Danish F-16 Transfer to Ukraine: Advanced Fighter Specs & National Security Implications

A front view of an F-16 Fighting Falcon aircraft armed with an AIM-9L Sidewinder training missile on the wingtip and two...