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Tag: Raytheon Missiles & Defense

Guided bomb StromBreaker attains speed of Mach 9.9

The US Navy has successfully test fired a StormBreaker guided missile on the F-35 Lightning II, a...

Distributed Advance Radar System tested successfully

A view of the bridge and forward SPY-1A radar antenna of the guided missile cruiser USS YORKTOWN (CG 48).

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Ukraine received new weapons shipment from Britain

A Helicopter Anti-submarine Squadron 4 (HS-4) SH-3H Sea king helicopter raises an AQS-13 dipping sonar during an anti-submarine warfare drill. ...

Russian missile forces restock Avangard hypersonic missile system

In a statement the Russian Federation's Ministry of Defense announced that a missile unit of the Central...

Hungarian military receives ELTA ELM-2084 multipurpose radars

Seen above is a mockup of the ELM 2106 NG radar The Hungarian military will use world-class ELTA...

Russia’s 6th generation stealth fighter plane is a hypersonic missile interceptor

Seen here is a MiG-31 from 790th Fighter Order of Kutuzov 3rd class Aviation Regiment on the ramp of Khotilovo airbase.