In a statement, Ali Nazari, a spokesman for the Afghan National Resistance Front, disclosed that Pakistan-backed Taliban, is carrying out ethnic cleansing in Panjshir province and called on the international community to intervene.

“The Taliban have expelled thousands of people from Panjshir. They are carrying out ethnic cleansing and the world is still watching and ignoring this situation,” tweeted Nazari. “We call on the international community to end these war crimes”.

This is certainly not the first such report of the Taliban carrying out ethnic cleaning in Afghanistan. Earlier, Afghan journalist Kabir Wasik, reported of the mass executions and clean-up operations in Panjshir.

“The Taliban are shooting civilians for no reason, including children, which is a war crime and a crime against humanity. They are searching the homes of influential residents, village leaders, mules, and lawyers, exerting strong psychological pressure on the population, and there are constant threats of murder and arrest.”, said Wasik.

Earlier this month, officials from the Taliban announced that they were in complete control of the country, including the Panjshir Valley, home to the National Resistance Front, which opposes the terrorist regime. Representatives of the resistance front have said, they are still in the valley.

Panjshir Province is of strategic importance since it connects southern and northern Afghanistan. The terrain there is suitable for guerrilla warfare.


Following the 9/11 attacks in the United States by al Qaeda the United States declared war on terror and has had a strong military presence in Afghanistan. After fighting various terror groups for more than 20 years, US President Joe Biden declared that Washington had succeeded in doing what it had set out to do – eliminate the al Qaeda terrorist group responsible for the 9/11 attacks and prevent Afghanistan from being a breeding ground for terrorism.

According to a US intelligence report, there are at least 20 terrorists groups currently operating in Afghanistan; supposedly they have been radicalized over the last 20 years due to the presence of US troops.

Reports have also emerged that al-Qaeda and the Islamic State have established a presence in Afghanistan.

Clearly, the US statement of and preventing Afghanistan from being a breeding ground for terrorism does not match the reality.

At the time of announcing its withdrawal from Afghanistan, Washington had estimated that Kabul would fall within 6 months. This turned out to be extremely “optimistic”. Backed by its creator, Pakistan, the Taliban gained control over the entire country within a month.