Reports have surfaced indicating an immediate directive from the official German administration, instructing the military to conduct an inventory check and subsequent update of a majority of their stealthy, long-range air defense missiles, known internationally as Taurus. This collaboration between Sweden and Germany represents the pinnacle of their efforts. An insider from the German Air Force, quoted by the renowned press institution Die Welt, disclosed this information.

The Taurus missiles are slated for an upgrade, transitioning from a preservation phase to an active engagement posture. While the exact count of these high-precision weapons within the Bundeswehr remains classified as ‘top secret,’ it’s estimated to be around 600, with half of them currently combat-ready. Clearance was certified five years ago for half of these weapons, making them fully prepared for combat. However, the other half requires a preliminary examination and enhancement as they haven’t undergone recent updates.

At present, military technicians are conducting thorough examinations of all missiles and categorizing them. One category includes missiles needing significant rework, while the other consists of those requiring only maintenance and verification. The utmost secrecy is being maintained throughout this process.

Upon completion, there’s speculation that Berlin might consider transferring the missiles directly to Kyiv or indirectly through London, for subsequent delivery to the Ukrainian army. However, such a scenario seems unlikely given the German Chancellor’s previous refusal to deliver Taurus missiles to Ukraine.

A leaked recording from Russian state-controlled media revealed discussions among German army officials regarding the transfer of Taurus cruise missiles to Ukraine, causing discord within the German government coalition. The published audio recording involves Bundeswehr officials deliberating on providing technical support for Taurus missile delivery, contingent upon a hypothetical decision by the German Chancellor, Olaf Scholz. According to a spokesperson for the German Defense, as reported by Der Spiegel, the Military Counterintelligence Service is currently investigating a probable interception of discussions within the Air Force.

In the midst of a scandal involving leaked top-secret conversations confirming the presence of UK troops on Ukrainian soil, Britain has been urging Berlin to provide Ukraine with long-range Taurus missiles as a demonstration of support.

The TAURUS KEPD 350, developed through a joint venture by TAURUS Systems and produced by MBDA Germany and Saab Dynamics, represents a German-Swedish collaboration in the realm of air-launched cruise missiles. This missile is specifically engineered for precision strikes against heavily fortified positions such as bunkers, buildings, radar units, and fielded forces.

Featuring stealth capabilities, high survivability, and precision, the TAURUS KEPD 350 is equipped with advanced electronic counter-countermeasures to resist jamming. With an impressive strike range of 500 kilometers, it enables aircraft to launch from a safe distance beyond the enemy’s air defense radius.

The TAURUS missile’s destructive potential lies in its two-stage warhead system. Initially, the penetrator stage is deployed to breach hardened structures, followed by the detonation of the subsequent bomb within. The warhead contains approximately 481 kilograms (1,060 pounds) of explosives.