According to a news bulletin that appeared on Afghanistan’s TV channel 1TV, the terror group Islamic Taliban that has captured vast tracts in Afghanistan following the departure of the United States, does not accept the decision of Turkish President Tayyip Recep Erdogan to leave Turkish troops on the territory of the country; In the event Ankara does not withdraw its troops, the Taliban will consider them as an occupying force.

The development assumes significance since it can draw Turkey into a fight with the radical Islamic terror group.

Ankara has decided to leave its troops in the country, following US financial support.

A similar statement was made a month ago by the Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. The Taliban has threatened Ankara warning that its forces would be attacked.

The decision of the Turkish leadership [to keep part of the contingent in Afghanistan] is reckless, violates sovereignty, territorial integrity, and is contrary to the national interests of the Afghans,” said the Taliban in a statement,while adding“The movement notes that “it considers the presence of foreign troops and under any pretext on the territory of Afghanistan as an occupation and will fight the invaders.”

On June 10, representatives from the Taliban were received in Moscow, with the main objective of the meeting being recognition from Russia and to negotiate with Russian authorities so that they do not launch hostilities in Afghanistan.

The terror group has assured Russian President Vladimir Putin that they have no interest in the Tajik-Afghan border and have also assured him that they would not attack neighboring countries.

With the quick departure of the US troops, the Biden Administration is facing some serious flack at regular briefings with journalists asking Pentagon spokesman John F. Kirby, on how the Taliban have gained huge tracts of territory within days of US departure and why Washington is not blocking their territorial gains.

Kirby is sticking to an explanation that the United States was in Afghanistan to counter and eliminate terrorists who carried out the 9/11 terror attacks. This however goes against publicly available reports of at least 20 new terror groups, including radical movements, operating out of the Pakistan-Afghanistan border.

It is to be seen what Turkey will do in the coming weeks.

According to military experts, if Turkey decides to stay, it could trigger an international response as well as a disagreement; it could also kickstart a new war.

It is to be seen how long will the United States be ready to financially support Turkey and whether both countries are prepared to wage a bloody guerrilla war with the Taliban, which has so far evicted both the Russians and Americans from their land.