The Ukrainian military has taken control of a US Patriot air defence system in Germany. Germany’s Armed Forces have released several photographs of Ukrainian army training on the Patriot Air Defense System.

The training of Ukrainian specialists at Germany’s Bundeswehr training ground lasts only around two weeks.

Earlier this year in February, 70 Ukrainian army specialists were given a course on mastering the US Patriot air defence system, which arrived in Germany towards the end of January. The training takes place 6 days a week.

During the 2 week training period, the Ukrainians learnt how to operate the air defence control station, along with how to operate the launchers, including how to load them up with anti-aircraft missiles, as well as how to operate the system’s radar.

The Ukrainian army will maintain and undertake any necessary repairs of the Patriot Air Defense System as and when required.

According to representatives from the Bundeswehr, the Ukrainian military quickly mastered this air defence system. This could be because of their high motivation and the fact that the majority of them have prior combat experience.

“Motivation is high because everyone knows what it’s all about,” explained the German officer.

The Patriot air defence systems will be delivered to Ukraine once the Ukrainian specialists have gone through the training period.

Patriot Air Defense system in Ukraine

Earlier in December 2022, the Biden Administration, transferred a Patriot air defence battery to Ukraine as part of military aid package.

In January, the German government agreed to the US proposal to transfer this weapon system, to Ukraine to protect against Russian air attacks.

In addition to the US military package, Ukraine is also set to receive two Patriot air defense batteries from the Netherlands.