While Poland has supplies Ukraine with various weapons, equipment, and gear from the beginning of its war with Russia, including MANPADS, R-72 missiles, drones, ammunition, infantry fighting vehicles, grenade launchers, and T-72 main battle tanks (MBT), for the first time, there is photographic evidence to support that it has also supplied Ukraine with loitering ammunition.

According to the Twitter account of a Ukrainian Weapons Tracker Ukrainian Armed Forces have received WARMATE loitering ammunition from Poland. In a tweet on April 27, the Twitter account posted reports of Russian armed forces finding WARMATE loitering ammunition in Enerhodar, located in the Zaporizhzhya region.

According to Ukraine Weapons Tracker, the WARMATE loitering ammunition was armed with a high-explosive (HE) warhead.

Russian sources have claimed that the targets of these loitering munitions was the nuclear power plant in the region as well as the city administration.

The possibility of WARMATE inflicting major damage on both targets is small since the WARMATE loitering ammunition carries just 1.3kg of RDX as its payload, which is insufficient to cause any significant damage.

About WARMATE loitering ammunition

The WARMATE is a Polish micro loitering ammunition developed and manufactured by WP Electronics. According to publicly available information, the Polish government ordered 1,000 units of it but later delayed the order resulting in it receiving just 100 units.

The WARMATE is in service in Ukraine, Poland, and in the United Arab Emirates.

Incidentally, a NATO agency has purchased WB Electronics Warmate without mentioning the final recipient. According to sources this is very likely to be Turkey.

The Warmate is suitable for use by ground forces and can be launched from a vehicle installation as well as from a ground installation.

Powered by an electric motor, the Warmate has a wingspan of 1.6 meters and can carry a maximum payload of 5.7 kg. It can reach a maximum altitude of 150 to 300 meters, which is perfect for fighting in an urban environment.

The WARMATE can carry two types of warheads – high-explosive and thermobaric. It can also be equipped with a laser warhead, says WB Electronics. It can reach a maximum speed of 150kmph.