Russia’s premier tank manufacturer, Uralvagonzavod, has completed the delivery of a new batch of tanks to the Russian military. Reports indicate that these latest T-90 Proriv tanks were transported via specialized military rail transport and are intended for Russia’s ongoing “special military operation” in Ukraine, as per Moscow’s preferred terminology. Notably, observers observed that these new T-90s lacked the familiar cage armor above the turret, raising questions about their specifications.

While the specific Russian tank brigades slated to receive these new combat vehicles remain undisclosed, Uralvagonzavod reiterated that their tanks are produced in accordance with the Russian army’s requirements. This departure from previous batches, which featured cage armor, raises eyebrows, especially considering the emphasis on crew safety and operational efficiency in previous deliveries.

Despite the uncertainty surrounding the quantity of tanks dispatched, it’s evident that Uralvagonzavod’s production this time was accompanied by a unique event: an extravagant musical concert held within the factory premises. Russian artists like Denis Maidanov and the group “Zemlyane” entertained the factory workers, marking a departure from the usual focus on increased work hours and bonuses for exceeding production targets.

Responding to inquiries about the change in delivery dynamics, Uralvagonzavod clarified that today’s dispatch aligns with the corporation’s annual production and delivery plan, suggesting a deliberate shift in approach rather than a random occurrence.

Regarding the upgrades in the T-90 Proryv model, significant enhancements are noted, particularly in its turret design, armor protection, fire control system, powertrain, combat management system, and additional features such as an anti-mine system and a remote-controlled anti-aircraft machine gun. These improvements reflect a concerted effort to modernize and enhance the tank’s capabilities for contemporary warfare scenarios.

Uralvagonzavod, commonly known as UVZ, operates as a prominent machinery manufacturer based in Nizhny Tagil, Russia, renowned as one of the largest scientific and industrial conglomerates in the nation. Its global recognition stems from its position as the foremost producer of main battle tanks worldwide.

Specializing in military production, UVZ focuses primarily on tank manufacturing, having played a pivotal role in introducing internationally acclaimed tank models. Among these, the T-72 stands out, representing a significant Soviet-era design with extensive global exports and utilization. Additionally, the T-90, recognized as the most advanced tank in service with the Russian Ground Forces and Naval Infantry, underscores UVZ’s innovation in tank production. In their pursuit of next-generation solutions, UVZ offers the T-14 Armata, a cutting-edge Russian main battle tank.

To support its extensive operations, UVZ maintains a sizable workforce, currently estimated at around 30,000 individuals encompassing diverse roles ranging from engineers and designers to factory workers and administrative staff. To meet manufacturing demands effectively, UVZ operates on a multi-shift system, typically employing two or three shifts aligned with specific production schedules, all aimed at optimizing efficiency and output.

Beyond tanks, UVZ’s product portfolio extends to include railway cars, road-construction machinery, agricultural equipment, and various tools and machines, showcasing the company’s diversified manufacturing capabilities. Additionally, UVZ upholds a dedicated division focused on metallurgical production to further broaden its range of offerings.