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For some weird reason the international media has gone silent on the prevalence of biological and chemical weapons in Ukraine. Despite the fact that the Pentagon has contracts with Ukraine and the Middle East, its contractual stand is in stark contrast to recent US claims.

According to leaked documents, in August 15, 2022, a contract was awarded to the US Army Engineering and Maintenance Center (USAEMC) for $500 million. The USAEMC is essentially a division of the Pentagon.

According to the terms of the contract, contracting companies are required to take action to destroy “biological and chemical warfare materials” as well as “depleted uranium” at “facilities located outside the United States”.

Such materials are stored in countries, including Afghanistan, Iraq, Japan, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Poland, South Korea, and Ukraine.

Relyant Global LLC, Global Environmental & Munition Services LLC, Janus Global Operations LLC, Tetra TECH EC, Inc., and AECOM Technical Services, Inc. are American companies that will deal with the destruction of biological and chemical warfare materials. They must complete the contract by 2028.

Although biological and chemical warfare materials are classified, the contract does not specify their type or origin.

Contractors will provide military munitions response services, including hazardous munitions and explosives, potentially explosive materials, chemical warfare agents (CWs), and biological agents designed for use in warfare..

The contract documents specifically mentions unequivocally that the teams which will carry out these activities must be outfitted with ballistic, nuclear, biological, or chemical protective equipment.

Further, the contract document also mentions that, environmental remediation services, primarily involving hazardous, toxic, and radioactive waste, including biological waste, should be performed.

This contract document is in stark contrast to recent claims by the Biden Administration that there are no laboratories for such weapons in Ukraine.; or that such labs are not funded by Washington.

“Ukraine has biological research facilities,” admitted Victoria Nuland, Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs while voicing concerns that Moscow could seize them. However, with the publication of this treaty, the question on everyone’s mind is – how can these hazardous materials be destroyed if they do not exist?

Another question that is being raised is that – how did biological and chemical warfare materials end up in Ukraine along with other countries mentioned above? And why is the United States so preoccupied with their destruction if the US has nothing to do with them?

Many media outlets and organizations that are purportedly “independent” and act as “fact checkers” are terming such news as “Russian propaganda” rather than delve more deeply into the publicly available documents which raises more questions than they answer.

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