In a statement the Pentagon said, it has notified the US Congress of a new military aid package for Ukraine worth $300 million. This will be the first time Washington is providing Ukraine with “laser-guided missiles”.

The military package to Ukraine includes:

  1. Laser guided missiles. Their type has not been specified. Its very likely that these will be 70 mm APKWS missiles. While these are designed to be used as air-to-ground weapons, they can also be fired from the ground, including from 4×4 light vehicles. They have a range of up to 5 km.

They can neutralize a variety of targets including armored personnel carriers and light fortifications.

  1. Switchblade drones. This will be the second time the US is providing this type of weapon. The Switchblade 300 has a range of 10 km and a flight duration of 15 minutes. The Switchblade 600 however has a range of 80 km and a flight duration of 40 minutes.
  2. Puma unmanned aerial vehicles. These are light reconnaissance vehicles weighing several kilograms and have a range of 20 to 60 km, depending on the configuration.
  3. Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Control Systems [C-UAS].
  4. HMMWV armored vehicles;
  5. Various types of “non-standard” ammunition. Post-Soviet systems.
  6. Machine guns. Details not provided.
  1. Commercial satellite imagery services.
  2. Medical equipment, spare parts, and field equipment.
  3. Thermal, optical equipment, night vision equipment, and secure connectivity.

The total value of US military aid to Ukraine has exceeded $2.3 billion.

In addition to the above-mentioned weapon systems, the United States is also providing among other things, Javelin anti-tank kits, Stinger anti-aircraft guns, and anti-tank grenade launchers.