The Spike ER Missile System similar to what our Navy is using, made by the Israeli company Rafael Advanced Defense Systems. Photo taken during the 2018 Asian Defence and Security (ADAS) Trade Show at the World Trade Center in Pasay, Metro Manila.

Following the testing for anti-tank missile SPIKE SR in Estonia earlier this year in September at a military range, a lot of information has been disseminated from the tests.

The anti-tank guided missile SPIKE SR sold by EuroSpike under license from Israel. The company is a joint venture between Israel’s Rafael Advanced Defense System and two German companies Rheinmettal Defense and Diehl Defense.

According to publicly available information, the Estonian military carried out the two successful tests, at different distances. Along with the guided anti-tank missile SPIKE SR, the Estonian army also tested the training capabilities of the entire system indoors as well as outdoors.

One of the advantages of the SPIKE SR is that it allows fast and almost unnoticed movement of soldiers in modern combat conditions. The whole anti-tank system is just 10 Kg and allows targeting at an enemy position at 2000 meters. The optical system has electronic control and is shoulder fired.

Estonia is well acquainted with the functionality of SPIKE systems. So far it has spent around 40 million euros on the other variety, SPIKE LR. The missile system is sold across 39 countries including 19 EU member states.

According to SPIKE, more than 33,000 missiles have been delivered worldwide with nearly 5,500 used in either exercises, training or real combat missions.

According to sources familiar with the matter at hand, the Indian army aims to purchase additional Spike anti-tank guided missiles to strengthen its capabilities on its border with China.

The Indian Armed forces plans on acquiring 12 launchers and more than 200 Spike missiles for its advanced infantry units. The purchase of these missiles are part of a 5 billion rupees defense procurement package approved by the Indian government following belligerent Chinese claims on Indian territories.

Earlier this year in July, Eurospike made a special presentation on its Spike missile weapon systems wherein it unveiled details about variants including its short-range missile system Spike SR, its 5th generation multi-purpose missile system Spike LR2 and its 5th generation extended range missile Spike ER2.

“We believe Spike series can be useful to Bulgarian army. Of course, we`re ready to propose not only armored combat vehicles solution but missile integration for the Bulgarian Air Force, Bulgarian Navy or Bulgarian Land Force” said Spike’s Corporate Regional Director for Europe Mr. Yizhar Sahar. 

He went on to add, “Spike missile series in multi-functional and flexible system. It can be integrated in any vehicle, depending on customer`s request”.

“We sell Spike all around the Europe – Western, Central, Baltic and the Balkans. Romania is the closer NATO allied country using Spike in the region. The baltic European Union and NATO member Latvia has bought the SPIKE anti-tank missile system just month ago and this is the biggest defence contract in the 100 year old history of Latvia.” Said Yizhar Sahar while adding, “We are ready to offer a product of Bulgaria that will guarantee its security and quality”.