According to media reports, following Chinese PLA soldiers intruding into Naku La, a location in the North Indian state of Sikkim, Indian soldiers physically pushed back the Chinese soldiers to their side. The location had previously been the site of a face-off in May 2020, along with Pangong Tso, Galwan, Gogra, Hot Springs, with Chinese PLA soldiers trying to capture territory in yet another example of its aggressive expansion into its neighbor’s territory.

Although reports state that the situation at the Indo-China border is under control, the point of concern is that the development comes right after the conclusion of 9th round of corps commander level talks between PLA and the Indian army. It also underscores the Chinese tactics of unending talks which have no material impact on the ground reality. Case in point, disengagement negotiations have not had any impact on the current situation.

According to sources, following PLA troop patrol attempting to intrude over into the Indian side, a brawl ensued wherein twenty PLA soldiers sustaining injures; Indian soldiers also reported injuries. With the Indian Army able to push back the PLA Soldiers across to their side of the border, it marks the second such clash  in over a year.

Border Skirmishes between PLA soldiers with the Indian army were first reported in April 2020. The situation worsened in June 2020 when soldiers from both sides were killed in Galwan Valley, despite marathon negotiations with 9 rounds of Corps commander level meetings as well as meetings between the defense ministries of both countries.

The negotiations have not resulted in any major breakthrough.

Of note is the fact that, from Taiwan, India, to the South China Sea, Beijing has upped regional tensions; Beijing has also blocked the WHO team who wanted to visit Wuhan, where the coronavirus reportedly spread to countries across the globe.

The PLAAF routinely intrudes into Taiwanese airspace with its Flankers and Xian H-6 bombers, in yet another example of its belligerent aggression towards its neighboring countries despite its statements of peace and stability.