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UAE to purchase French Rafale fighter planes

According to French media reports, the UAE and France are negotiating the purchase of Rafale fighter planes.

Russia must withdraw troops from Ukraine’s border: NATO Secretary General

In a statement NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg called on Russia to withdraw its troops from the Ukraine’s...

France and Greece negotiating purchase of new frigates

According to media reports, France and Greece are continuing negotiations on the former arming the latter with...

Indian Army pushes back intruding PLA soldiers

According to media reports, following Chinese PLA soldiers intruding into Naku La, a location in the North...

Britain may use military to transport COVID-19 vaccine

A rear view of the new USAF C-17 transport aircraft on the tarmac being serviced by ground support services.

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Ukraine received new weapons shipment from Britain

A Helicopter Anti-submarine Squadron 4 (HS-4) SH-3H Sea king helicopter raises an AQS-13 dipping sonar during an anti-submarine warfare drill. ...

Russian missile forces restock Avangard hypersonic missile system

In a statement the Russian Federation's Ministry of Defense announced that a missile unit of the Central...

Hungarian military receives ELTA ELM-2084 multipurpose radars

Seen above is a mockup of the ELM 2106 NG radar The Hungarian military will use world-class ELTA...

Russia’s 6th generation stealth fighter plane is a hypersonic missile interceptor

Seen here is a MiG-31 from 790th Fighter Order of Kutuzov 3rd class Aviation Regiment on the ramp of Khotilovo airbase.