Israel’s Rafael Advanced Defense Systems is aiming to win a deal to supply its SkyCeptor interceptors for Poland’s long due short-range Narew air defense tender.

During the MSPO defense industry show in Kielce, Poland, Rafael’s representatives said, it was determined to further develop and consolidate its longstanding cooperation with the Polish industry.

Incidentally, since 2004 Poland’s state-owned Mesko plant has manufactured the Spike LR anti-tank guided missile following a licensing agreement with Rafael.

While Poland has chosen U.S. Defense firm Raytheon’s Patriot missiles to provide cover for its medium-range air defense requirements, Rafael said, its system will be highly compatible with Raytheon’s due to long established cooperation between the two.

“Our technology is combat-proven and modular, and Poland would be able to perfectly integrate it with other layers of its air defense system. This technology is state-of-the-art, and we would also ensure it is transferred to the Polish defense industry, just like we did with the Spike contract,” said Roland Steinbrecher, regional director for international marketing and business development at Rafael Advanced Defense Systems.

In 2018, as part of the medium-range Wisla program, the Polish Ministry of Defense had awarded a $4.75 billion deal to Raytheon.

The Narew program is expected to be worth a further $5.3 billion.