In a significant development, Iranian state TV has stated, that the Fateh 110 guided ballistic missile, which has a range of 250-350 km (160-220 miles) has been supplied to Hezbollah in large numbers, thus implying that the Lebanese terror group has also received Iran’s Khalij-e Fars anti-ship ballistic missiles.

The delivery opens up a dystopian reality where a known terror organization is being openly supplied with ballistic missiles.

The Fateh-110, also known as NP-110 and Mushak, is an Iranian single-stage solid-fueled surface-to-surface missile (SAM) produced by the country’s Aerospace Industries Organization. The first generation of the mmissile was flight tested in September 2002 and thereafter Iran has mass produced it.

The Khalij Fars is an Iranian supersonic, single-stage, solid-propellant, anti–ship quasi ballistic missile which has a range of 300 km. Its design is based on the Fateh-110 ballistic missile.

The Khalij Fars carries a 650kg explosive warhead and features an interception evading guidance system. The development marks the beginning of a new flash point between Iran’s relationship with Israel.