In many ways, the Greek armed forces are the finest on the old continent. With an annual budget of €8 billion, the country holds the top step of the podium in terms of defense efforts, with 3,6% of its GDP. In addition, despite this limited budget, the Greek armies manage to field a considerable force with 142.000 soldiers and conscripts in the flag, as well as 220.000 active reservists, and more than 2 million soldiers who can be mobilized out of a population of 10,6 million. residents. Contrary to a majority of European countries, particularly in Western Europe, defense issues are also at the heart of the concerns of public opinion, including during elections, making the defense of the country a real national cause for a majority of Greeks.

It must be said that unlike Europeans who rediscovered a year ago the feeling of insecurity caused by a bellicose and aggressive neighbour, the Greeks have been living for several decades under the threat of an increasingly powerful Turkish army, threats largely accentuated since the coming to power of President RT Erdogan who has not ceased, since 2003 when he took the position of Prime Minister, to stir up tensions with his neighbour, whether on the subject of Cyprus, the islands of the Aegean Sea or for some years, the exploitation of the resources of the Greek Exclusive Economic Zone. And power, the Turkish armies do not lack it, with a budget twice as large as Athens, 425.000 active soldiers but also 2.200 tanks, 10.000 armored vehicles, 350 combat planes, 12 submarines as well as 23 frigates and corvettes. In addition, Ankara has invested considerably over the past 20 years in the development of its defense industry, allowing it to quickly modernize its 3 components.