At SOFINS 2021, the French company Nexter Systems presents a solution of fire support vehicle for Special Forces using its ARX-20 20mm cannon mounted on a Masstech T6 6×6 light tactical vehicle.

The Masstech T6 is a light tactical vehicle based on a Toyota Land Cruiser with one additional axle offering more mobility in sandy ground. The vehicle shown at SOFINS is configured for Special Forces Operations using an open-top architecture. The Masstech was developed by the French company TECHNAMM.

The Masstech T6 in Special Forces configuration has two seats at the front and a cargo area at the rear. There are no doors, and the vehicle is protected by a tubular frame roll-bar. The vehicle is specifically designed to provide the user with outstanding mobility and terrain accessibility. The front of the crew compartment is fitted with two windscreens that can be folded on the hood.

At SOFINS 2021, the Masstech T6 was fitted on a circular ring mount armed with an ARX-20 20mm automatic cannon that can rotate on 360°. This type of weapon can offer a high level of firepower and can be used to destroy light armored vehicles.

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