According to Sergey Naryshkin, the director of Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service, individual countries are considering various options to assist Ukraine in its war against Russia; these include annexing parts of Ukraine. Naryshkin said, Poland has the capability to annex western Ukraine.

Poland, according to Naryshkin, has the right to annex parts of the Lviv, Ternopil, and Ivano-Frankivsk regions. He went on to add, Poland’s goal is to compensate Ukraine for aid that Western partners have previously refused. As a result, Ukraine will not only receive NATO protection, but also economic stability.

Poland desires a “quick annexation” of western Ukraine since with the onset of winter Ukraine will be “spent,” and “senior NATO partners” will be ready to negotiate with Russia, explained Naryshkin.

Warsaw has officially denied such claims despite Polish media reports that Poland is “preparing ballots for a referendum on self-determination in western Ukraine.”

Ukraine appears to have agreed to receive assistance from Poland in an indirect and tacit manner. On its part, Kyiv has passed legislation which authorises the presence of Polish armed security forces in Ukrainian territory. According to this law, such measures will come into play, in the event the situation becomes unstable.

Naryshkin also confirmed that he had met the CIA Director in Turkey. Media reports had said, the two had met but did not discuss the situation surrounding Ukraine; Nishkin however denied this.

Apart from nuclear security, he said his conversation with CIA Director William Burns involved topics including “Ukraine” and “the Kyiv regime.”