In a statement the press secretary of the Russian President Vladimir Putin, Dmitry Peskov said, Moscow has commenced military exercises with strategic deterrence forces launching ballistic missiles.

The exercises are being watched by Putin along with his Belarusian counterpart Alexander Lukashenko from the situation center.

According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, the planned military exercises include forces from the Supreme Court of Cassation, the Southern Military District, the Strategic Missile Forces, the Northern and the Black Sea Fleets.

It emphasized that these exercises involving the Strategic Deterrence Forces were planned earlier to check the readiness of the military command bodies, launching combat crews, warship crews, and strategic missile carriers to perform their assigned tasks; they are also to check the reliability of the strategic weapons. nuclear and non-nuclear forces.

In December 2021, the General Staff of the Russian Army had announced that more than 95% of the strategic nuclear launchers were combat capable.

“More than 95% of the launchers in the ground strategic nuclear forces are kept in constant readiness for combat use,” said Valery Gerasimov, the Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

According to Gerasimov, “the rearmament of the Yars complexes continues at the Strategic Rocket Forces, and the next launchers of the Avangard missile system are being prepared for combat use.”

“Soon, another nuclear submarine with Bulava ballistic missiles will be introduced into the combat staff of the Naval Strategic Nuclear Forces”.

He went on to add, now “the modernization of the strategic missile carriers of the Aviation Strategic Nuclear Forces continues, ensuring their use of modern high-precision missiles with a long-range.”

“In general, the state of the Russian nuclear triad provides a solution to the problem of deterrence. At the same time, the development of the Strategic Nuclear Forces is being carried out in strict accordance with the international obligations set out in the Treaty on Measures to Further Reduce and Reduce Strategic Attack Weapons (START-3)”.