According to a report from an Ukrainian portal, the Biden Administration has permitted the US military to begin training 50 Ukrainian servicemen on how to handle US howitzers which it had donated to Ukraine in its war with Russia.

This information was confirmed by a representative of the US Department of Defense. The news was also confirmed by CNN and European Justice.

According to the official information, around 50 Ukrainians are being trained to handle US 155 mm howitzers, somewhere outside of Ukraine. There is no information, yet, on which country these trainings are being held.

“This is a small number of Ukrainians, a little more than 50, they will be trained in howitzer handling and then be able to return to Ukraine and train their colleagues,” said an official while adding, US artillery shells have arrived in Europe and are on their way to Ukraine.

The Biden Administration has taken a leading role in the Russia-Ukraine conflict and has announced a series of US military aid to Ukraine, the latest of which is around $800 million, and includes, for the first time heavy artillery and 40,000 rounds of ammunition.

Following the US announcement, Britain and Canada have also issued statements saying they would also provide additional artillery to Ukraine, with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau saying Ottawa would send “heavy artillery” to Ukraine.