In a statement the Canadian Ministry of Defense said, it will donate an undisclosed number of towed M777 howitzers to Ukraine in its war with Russia. According to a source, Canada has around 37 towed M777 howitzers, which were ordered by the US government in 2008.

Along with the towed M777 howitzers, Canada is also likely to send armored vehicles, and refurbished drone cameras to Ukraine. So far, Canada has provided Ukraine “body armors, ammunition, helmets, Carl Gustaf anti-tank weapons, gas masks, night vision equipment, 4,500 M72 LAW anti-tank weapons, and 7,500 hand grenades”.

In addition to these Canadian gifts, Ukraine is also in talks with Britain to receive Polish T-72 tanks. This transaction is contingent on Britain supplying Poland with British Challenger 2 tanks, in turn Poland will send its T-72 tanks to Ukraine.

According to a source, Poland has 127 T-72A / T-72M1 units; they are currently in service in the Polish army, with 257 tanks held in reserves.

Experts have noted, if Ukraine receives the Polish T-72 tanks, they will be in a position to immediately deploy them since the tanks are of Russia origin and there is no need for any additional special training required.